In today’s emerging economies; the presence of innovative driving gears is essential. AMNT is a fast-growing company operating in Egypt since 2007. Combining engineering ideology along with consultants’ experience. AMNT is engaged in multiple business fields.

  • Strategic International Trading Partner to locally operating firms: Having necessary skills & know-how; AMNT has developed its POP & IRP international trading programs. Tailored packages are designed to suite every need. Whatsoever your organization size; our international trading services will help you reach global markets effectively & efficiently.
  •  Construction & Electromechanical Contractor: With today’s dynamic developments in Egypt’s map, mega projects along with new cities are being founded; AMNT is sharing the responsibility & participating in the development of the country with successful construction & electromechanical projects & services. With professional & experienced team of engineers, you can rely on AMNT to cover your needs in construction & electromechanical projects & services.
  •  Distributor of a diversified range of climbing, outdoor & camping equipment: With the founder’s passion for sports & adventures, AMNT is one of the leading outdoor, personal health & safety equipment suppliers in the country, partnering with only the best brands with highest quality products, AMNT can be your one stop for outdoor, personal health & safety equipment in Egypt.
  •  Major supporter to the appreciated Special Operations Personnel: When it comes to the point where products, equipment & services should be reliable, unique & innovative; you can count on AMNT for its secured position amongst world’s most trusted suppliers of special equipment, gear, technologies & training tools. With over 40 years of practical experience & 10 years of field operations; AMNT is efficiently filling the gap between the need & supply with state of the art, high quality products & services maintaining not only a wide network of trust with its customers in governmental entities such as the MOI & MOD, but also as a reliable partnership with its represented global suppliers.


We are Looking To:
Become a major contributor to the development & growth of the Egyptian economy through investing in diversified business projects.


We are:
Improving the Egyptian community by continuing to provide pioneering products, create, develop and support innovative business projects having superior value to our clients and sustainable growth to our stakeholders.


AMNT was established in 2007 as a small family business. With the founders being experienced in telecommunications & mechatronics engineering as well as helding commercial roles in multinational companies; the accumulated experience was the seed to start the business that first begun focusing on engineering electromechanical services.

As projects developed & customers’ trust gained; AMNT was requested to provide integrated solutions in supplying equipment plus providing services, in which was a start of AMNT extended business path to partnership with leading international equipment suppliers in Egypt.

In 2014, with the join of Gen. Mounir, who was the former president for the ministry of interior technical & financial permanent committee for weapons, ammunition & equipment reinforcement beside achieving many titles in the Egyptian special forces & police academy for more than 32 years ending up as being the Major Director of the Training & Development College; AMNT’s focus towards serving its existing police & defence clients has expanded, boosting a well-established customers network & allowing daily opportunities in the Egyptian market.

With our core values believing in the development of the country’s economy only through honest & sincere efforts to help in providing job vacancies & sustainable growth, we are continuing to exert our utmost efforts & invest with our resources in diversified fields of businesses to reach our goal & vision.