Procurement has always been a dilemma for medium scale businesses .. it is very critical to be left for unqualified employees and relatively costly to hire skilled employees.

The strategy guru, Michael Porter, introduced the term “Value Chain” in his book “Competitive Advantage”, where he described the Formation of any product to be through a chain of activities, each activity has an added value to the product with a relevant cost.

For establishing a sustainable competitive advantage; Porter encourages organizations to realize the cost versus the added value For each of their business activities, and outsource activities that could be achieved outside their organizations with a lower cost or higher value, this will help improve their competitiveness and Focus on their core competencies.

Hence; AmnT is proud to announce its Procurement Outsourcing Program “P 0 P “, which is believed to be the optimum solution For such dilemma.

Joining "POP"shall enhance your:​


You will have more time & resources to excel on your core competences.
You will avoid performance instability generated from high rate of employees turnover or unmonitored handover.
You will secure reliable & steady handling of your procurement activities.
You will receive a skilled service at a relatively low cost.
You will engage widely exposed professionals having deep market knowledge, different problem- solving techniques & new ideas in your business.
Your major suppliers will be properly evaluated to enhance your strategic purchasing decisions.
You will receive advices, feedbacks & reports from purchasing experts about your procurement activities.


You will clear your mind from administrative necessities for hiring, accommodating & training of extra employees.
You will guarantee daily availability of skilled employees at no extra cost.
Possibility of directing import process through AMNT's legal identity, and thus minimize legal documentation needed from your side.


Your orders & contracts will be negotiated by experts, allowing better rates & conditions.
Economies of scale shall grant you better rates & stronger negotiation power.
You will receive low- cost, skilled & supervised service.
You will save fixed & variable costs such as; salaries, allowances, office space, office equipment, consumables and other expenses, since all will be shifted to AMNT & only charged relative to your actual business requirements.

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